The impacts of the “Engagement Opportunities & Training”

Who/What is affected

How it affects

Becomes more active and involved in the decision-making process.
Improves qualifications, acquires skills that can be used while working in their community.

To the citizen;
acquires relevant knowledge and skills in the field of participation with the help of training-seminars, invited experts and qualified trainers of the academy,
Implements the proper planning and execution of the participation process through practical work.

Raises image and authority;
Has competent staff who assist in the performance of self-government activities and the implementation of open and, accountable governance;
Supports to handle the challenges effectively;
Gains supporters and the welfare of the population;
Gives an opportunity to solve the local challenges with the involvement of citizens through the “Participatory Budget”;
Gives international experience;
Gives the opportunity to have competent staff in the fields of participation.

To the municipality:
Public servants gain theoretical and practical experience by participating in the trainings and seminars;
Goes through the certification;
Receives assistance from experienced experts of the academy in the development and implementation of participation mechanisms;
Receives consultations from the academy experts.

To public organizations:
Gives employees the opportunity to improve their skills in the fields of participation;
Become competent in the fields of participation and participate in grant competitions in the future;
Establish cooperation with municipalities.

Public organizations:
Acquires relevant knowledge and skills in the field of participation with the help of training-seminars, invited experts, practitioners and qualified trainers of the academy;
Gains theoretical and practical knowledge and experience.

The “Engagement Opportunities & Training” in numbers

Solidarity Fund PL Georgia initiatives support and conduct the training-seminars for interested as well as invited people.

Total number of applications of the “Engagement Opportunities & trainings” (trainings, workshops, conference, forums)
Total Number of municipalities / participants
The number of the “Engagement Opportunities & trainings” and participants from 2016 to 2020