What is the “Engagement Opportunities & Training”?

The “Engagement Opportunities & Traning” is a training cycle, which includes the acquisition of professional knowledge, development of capabilities, competencies, and useful skills.

  • If you are interested in community and public life;
  • If you are committed to strengthening your competencies in community participation and decision-making processes at the local level;
  • If you are eager  to participate in participatory processes, including the implementation of the “Participatory Budget”, and become an active participant in local development,

Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia, within the framework of the ” Democracy Support ” program, gives you the opportunity to undergo the training.

What you will learn ….

  • You will learn about the innovative platforms of professional development: planning, managing and implementing the municipal “Participatory Budget”;; Various mechanisms of citizen involvement; You will learn how to prepare regulations and documents, how to evaluate processes at different levels.
  • Learn how to plan and conduct meetings with the local people and how to conduct a dialogue, and/or consultation with them on important local issues.
  • You will learn the rules of a well-developed information campaign.

How does the “Engagement Opportunities & Training” work?


Get information about the trainings

Information about training could be found on the platform - www.participatoryhub.ge - or official facebook page for Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia - https://www.facebook.com/
SolidarityFundPLinGEO. Please subscribe for news on the platform or follow our FB page, to get information in time. Please also follow advertisements on such resources as csogeorgia.org or jobs.ge. You can also communicate with Alumni of Academy of Participation who will guide you where to get information about coming trainings.

Fill in the application

Please, read carefully the information provided in the Call of Applications, check requirements, dates, terms and conditions and fill in an online application form before the deadline. Please fill in all lines, providing requested information, that will describe in best way your motivation and interest to participate in the training.

Sign up for the training

Please, check your inbox for information about signing up for the training and follow instructions provided. If you have troubles, please, contact directly person responsible for training organization.

Attend and listen

Mark the date and time of trainings in your Calendar. Come in time! Listen carefully, participate actively in discussions and practical exercises, engage with trainer and other participants, read carefully training materials.

Apply your knowledge in practice

Follow information about local activities to find out where you can apply your knowledge, inform local authorities and civil society organizations about your qualifications. Register as an expert on www.participatoryhub.ge. Plan and implement your own activities where you can apply gained skills and knowledge. Engage in discussions with other practitioners. Observe your experience, find out directions for further development. Prove level of your knowledge via participation in different assessment programs, like Individual Certification Program.

Did you get interested in? Do you want to learn more about the “Engagement Opportunities & Training”?

An “Engagement Opportunities & Training a booklet should be prepared where all products related to the “Engagement Opportunities & Training” will be included, according to this template and schedules

Video transmission

Contact the expert; Ask the expert your preferred question and he/she will give you a comprehensive answer

See information about the experts here: List of experts and their coordinates (phone number, e-mail, social network)

What you need to know to start your study tour at the Engagement Opportunities & Training?

Why you should take part in the study tour of the “Engagement Opportunities & Training”

Because :

  • You will improve competence and skills in the field of participation;
  • You will be able to analyze, evaluate and monitor the processes of participation mechanisms;
  • You will share international experience;
  • You will receive practical, real-life based recommendations a  by the highly qualified experts;

Who can participate in this study tour?

  • Active citizens;
  • Representatives of local self-government and civil society;
  • Members of non-governmental organizations;
  • Citizens interested in local / community engagement.

What essential requirements you have to meet:

  • You should be interested, motivated and focused on further development and upgrading qualification
  •  You should have a will  to become an active participant in the participation process
  • You should have a will to make changes in terms of citizen involvement with  the gained knowledge and experience.

Where can I get information about this?

Detailed information on participation in “Engagement Opportunities and Trainings” can be found here: [participatoryhub.ge/…/to take action and participate ]

What is the structure of this training program?

The “Engagement Opportunities and Training” course consists of theoretical as well as practical modules and field practice, provided both, by local and international experts.

What are the necessary costs related to funding and retraining?

The “Engagement Opportunities & Training”  certification is free.

The selected applicant is exempt from all costs associated with the process; 

If necessary, all the costs (travel, hotel, meals, etc.) are covered by the Solidarity Fund PL Georgia

What are the criteria for involvement in the trainings?

These are:

  • Willingness and motivation to participate in the field of participation;
  • Knowledge participatory  mechanisms, tools and techniques or any   other forms of participation;
  • Desire to test the existing knowledge and to develop it further;
  • Meeting other required criteria.

What opportunities will I have if I complete the study tour successfully? study tour give me?

  • Establishing new contacts;
  • Planning, participating and implementing new projects;
  • Possession of an international level certificate;
  • Employment prospects;
  • Popularizing your own achievements;
  • Upgrading your skills, gaining experience and using it in your own community/city;
  •  Development of participatory mechanisms and maintaining  better communication;
  •  Acquisition of relevant skills with the help of training-seminars, invited experts, practitioners and qualified trainers;
  • Development of the ability to be actively involved in the decision-making process.

Can I invite a friend to the training?

Of course, yes. Anyone interested in the training, can invite a person who wants to improve his/her competencies and skills and get a certificate confirming his/her knowledge and experience;

The invited person must go through all the procedures for registration and participation;

What are the outcomes and the opportunities after completing the training?

  • Personal development;
  • Raising the level of welfare;
  • Establishing new contacts;
  • Planning, participation and implementation of new projects;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and outline of further solutions;
  • Possession of an international level certificate;
  • Prospects for further employment.

Are you interested in learning more?

Contact the expert

Contact an expert or graduate;

Get specific answers to specific questions;

Learn about the real-life examples of participation in our lives.

Application form

Familiarize yourself with the application form and wait for the announcement of the admission.