The “Village Support Program” is a powerful mechanism to exert a significant effect on social life of a community, that leads to …

Who / what  is affected

How it affects

Makes the work of the Ministry of Infrastructure interesting

The population trusts the work of the Ministry. Because, the Ministry allocates funds to the municipalities and in turn, itexpresses its readiness to be an open structure.

Mayors, Sakrebulo chairmen and other representatives get used to democratic principles

The leadership of the municipality realizes that the money allocated under the “Village Support Program” is the money of the people and they should manage it themselves. Residents decide what they want to do.

Activates non-governmental organizations

NGO representatives are involved in the implementation of the “Village Support Program” project. They are involved in the monitoring process.

Active citizens are formed

Citizens learn how to get involved in democratic processes and learn about their rights. They are involved in the decision-making process.

Increases civic activism

People learn the principles of democracy. Participants see the tangible consequences of investing in their community, which pushes these people to participate more actively.


The Number of villages implementing the “Village Support Program” (3668 villages) Urban – 2194.5, Village – 1522.4
Self. Budget of Georgia – 2115.0 million GEL The “Village Support Program” budget 40,0 millionGEL

Number of the “Village Support Program” projects

2015-2018: 8505 projects

2019: 4812 projects

2020: 0 projects