See also the links to various videos and articles related to different forms of citizen participation in the local self-government in Georgia (“Participatory Budget”, “Civil Initiative” “Petition”, etc.).

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Case study: on line meeting in Zugdidi The “Participatory Planning” project of Participatory and Green Budget

“Participatory Urban Planning”

What will be the “Hanging Gardens of Ozurgeti” like- the urbanist Ana Bibilashvili in Guria News


The “Participatory Planning” in urban settlement Author: Mamuka Abuladze The publication discusses participatory urban planning, practice of using other forms of citizen participation and civic role of the Civil Advisory Council in their implementation, on Tetritskaro Municipality example.

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Citizens Involvement in Tbilisi Urban Planning – Analysis of Civil Advisory Council  Practice: 2016-2018 years Author : N. Kekenadze

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