What is the Local Initiative?

The “Local Initiative” is a form of cooperation between local authorities and the population that allows public tasks to be performed for the benefit of the community.

During the “Local Initiative”, suggestionss come directly from the citizens, settlements, neighbourhoods, comradeships what issue (problem) should be solved and the citizens itself participates in solving this problem. The contribution of the population is manifested both in physical labour, in cash, or in other materials.

Quote – “If you and your neighbors, or friends, have any idea about a particular issue that is important to you and your community, you can apply to City Hall to fulfil that idea together.”

Handbook for Active Citizens, Warsaw, 2016.

“In the place of devastated lawns, residents planted flowers, shrubs, and trees blooming at different times. Two new green areas have been created, places where you can sit on newly installed benches and relax. Thanks to working together we changed not only our environment but also the relation between community “


How does the “Local Initiative” work?



The format of the procedures is being prepared together with the relevant structural units of local self-government (services, departments) and representatives of the non-governmental sector. Criteria, application process, evaluation process, accounting and reporting requirements and etc are considered.

Preparation of the Application

Relevant structural units prepare their own proposal for funding the civil initiatives, depending on their spheres. The form of the documents is uniform i.e. the format is defined;

Evaluate the application

The application is evaluated by Sakrebulo. They discuss and finally approve it;

Clarification of the details and signing a contract

a body, such as a monitoring commission, is set up to monitor the implementation of procedures and propose changes. An agreement is concluded with the applicant;


further monitoring of funded projects is carried out;

Summarizing the results

Evaluation of completed projects is carried out.

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Why should we choose a “Local Lnitiative”?

Because it is a form of cooperation between the local government and the population. With the help of the City Hall, the residents implement their ideas for the benefit of the community. The more active the citizens are, the stronger is the municipality.

Who can submit a “Local Initiative”?

The project can be submitted directly by local residents or with the support of a non-governmental organization

Can a “Local Initiative” be implemented in my municipality?

It is possible in all settlements (city, district center, village, small town, etc.). The main thing is that the initiative shall be coming from the population. It is implemented in Khulo, Shuakhevi, Keda and Khelvachauri municipalities.

How much influence does the involvement of the officials have on the final decision?

The local initiative is the decision of the population. They identify the problem on the spot and  work with the local government to eliminate it.

Is it possible to implement a ,,Local Initiative” if there is no additional budget for it?

During the ,,Local Initiative”, the City Hall does not transfer funds, it supports the fulfillment of tasks by purchasing the services and/or materials needed to implement the organizational or local initiative. It is possible to raise money from business. The population can also contribute and, in the form of co-financing, invest in the various resources available, both material and physical (eg, labor).

How are the projects selected for implementation ?

Officials evaluate the project submitted under the local initiative according to pre-established criteria.

Is a “Local Initiative” legal?

A “Local initiative” is a legal process. The legal norms of citizen participation in exercising of self-government are mainly spelled out in the General Administrative Code of Georgia and the Organic Law on Local Self-Government, additional mechanisms are also provided by the regulations of Sakrebulo.

How much money is needed to implement a “Local Initiative”?

The “Local Initiative” can be developed with any amount, depending on the existing capacity of the settlement and the value of the contribution of the residents.

Cash is replaced by physical labor, materials and other resources within the co-participation of the population.

When is it possible to submit an application form?

Application can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

What period of time is needed to implement a ,,Local Initiative”?

The law does not specify deadlines. Due to the international and Georgian practice, it is mostly implemented  till  the end of the given year.

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