What is the “Certification of Individual”?

The “Certification of Individual” is:


  • An individual offer – for representatives of governmental and non-governmental sectors, individuals, and anyone who has specific experience in   participation mechanisms and processes, and wants to receive a corresponding certificate;
  • An objective assessment of one’s own knowledge and abilities for further development;
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills for individual participation mechanisms, process analysis, evaluation and monitoring.

Development of the capacity of individuals in the field of participation, where they feel comfortable and independent. Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia, within the framework of the “Democracy Support” program, will start the “Certification of Individual” in 2020.

With the “Certification of Individual” it is possible to:

  • Determine your own level of knowledge;
  • Upgrade your qualifications;
  • Gain international experience and make new contacts;
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills to employ the “Participatory Budget” and other participation mechanisms.

If you are interested in:

  • Testing your own knowledge;
  • Discovering your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Being involved in the decision-making process at the local level;
  • Popularizing your achievements;
  • Personal development and raising the level of well-being;
  • Obtaining a certificate confirming your knowledge in the field of participation;

Then the “Certification of Individual” is exactly for you!

How does the “Certification of Individual” work?


The applicants are required

To fill in the application and submit it in accordance with the announced deadlines;

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted online through the ‘ParticipatoryHub’ platform.
Applicants should contact the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia team for any technical issues regarding the application process.

Evaluation of the applications

The team of experts from the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia is responsible for ensuring that applications filled by the applicants are completed and consistent. The team of experts will consider the applications by the following criteria:
- Existing experience;
- Applicant’s motivation;
- Ability to develop the “Participatory Budget” and involvement in participation mechanisms.
Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia reserves the right to request additional information from applicants.
Please, contact the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia team if your application details or circumstances change.

Certification Results

The certification applications are reviewed and discussed by the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia team who is also responsible for decision making.
As a result of the certification, you will be given a certificate.

Certificate Award

At a conference organized by the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia, you will be awarded the certificates in a solemn atmosphere.

What you need to know to start your learning journey around the “Certification of Individual”?

Contact an expert

  • Contact an expert or graduate;
  • Get specific answers to your specific questions;
  • Learn about real-life examples of participation from our lives.

Application form

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