The development of Participatory Mechanisms (M&E)

This section includes materials that help you with the development of Participatory Mechanisms: (I) Participatory Budget (PB); (II) Village Support Programme (VSP); (III) Participatory Planning (PP), (IV) Local Initiative (LI), and (V) Other Participatory Forms (OPF) in Georgia.

In this section, you can find the following materials:

  • Regulatory documentation samples of monitoring with detailed descriptions and criteria; 
  • A service responsible for monitoring and evaluation, which will be in coordination with the public and will constantly submit reports on the performed and as well as unperformed work 
  • Samples of monitoring regulatory documentation with detailed descriptions and criteria.
  • How and on what basis each interested municipality should monitor and evaluate the proceeding  process of a participatory form.
  • Also, the templates developed for monitoring and evaluation, the samples of regulatory documentation with the detailed descriptions and criteria should be posted. It is possible to develop and locate monitoring criteria, to determine the group of people who will cooperate with the population and will be obliged to provide information to them by the order of the Mayor.
  • Forms of on-site inspection acts, report forms can be created, which will be periodically performed by the Mayor or the Council;
  • Appeal to the initiator on the request of the representative at the monitoring stage.
  • For the assessment of the operation of the received facilities, the regulatory instructions for further maintenance work, etc.

It would be good to include animation and video instructions on monitoring and evaluation instructions.

Watch a video to make a short tour of the development of the Participatory Mechanisms.

Participatory Budget

Participatory Budget Guidebook for Municipalities

The guidebook – Overview – What is the Participatory Budget? What do we want it for? Description of the cycle step-by-step. Practical attachments.

Sample document: One-year Action Plan on Participatory Budget in Gori municipality

The Action Plan for the Development of the Participatory Budget has been prepared in Gori Municipality for a specific year, in which the activities of the program are implemented in accordance with the written plan. In this case, the 2020 action plan is presented. Since the plan is approved by the order of the Mayor, it has a one-year term and therefore, it is referred to as a “one-year development plan”. And if the Sakrebulo approves it, then it is possible to create a multi-year action plan, similar to Zugdidi Municipality. In case of a multi-year plan, it is recommended that the action plan be reflected in the priority document.

Sample document: Tskaltubo Municipality Citizens’ Participation Program (2019-2022)

Multi-year Citizen Involvement Program, which includes details of activities, issues and directions of citizen involvement in Tskaltubo Municipality for 4 years.

Other Participatory Forms

Evaluation documents:  Measuring population involvement through the indexing system

In order to post information on the evaluation of mechanisms for community involvement in the  local governments, we present excerpts from this paper that focus on indexing methods on Qualitative Assessment of Community Involvement in the fields of co-operation and co-Participation.

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