What is “Academy of Participation” (AoP)

“The Academy of Participation” (AoP) is a highly interactive and applicable learning cycle that brings together representatives of Local Authorities (LAs) and civil society to teach different ways of community engagement in the inclusive decision-making process at the local level.

Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia established the Academy of Participation” in 2019, within the framework of the “Support Democracy” project, co-financed by the Polish Development Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The “Academy of Participation” (AoP) is a space:

    • Where active citizens, civil servants, representatives of municipalities and non-governmental organizations and all, interested in better-off communities develop new skills.
    • Where all above-mentioned learn about public participation in the local decision-making process.
    • Where it is possible to build new habits, gain international experience and establish new contacts and networks.
  • Where everyone can acquire knowledge and accommodate new skills on active citizenship, having “a voice” in locally-important issues and take actions.


If  you are:

    • interested in community and public life, development of your municipality and engagement in the decision-making process at the local level;
    • committed to participating in community activities and want to strengthen your professional competencies

Then, the “Academy of Participation” (AoP) is for you!