How does the “Academy of Participation” (AoP) work?


Admission process

The admission to the “Academy of Participation” (AoP) is organized annually and announced in the first quarter of a calendar year. The “Academy of Participation” (AoP) is open for all highly-motivated individuals.

Tbilisi-based table-top training

The Table-top training is a series of scenario-based workshops on different aspects of citizens’ engagement that take place annually in Tbilisi in the second quarter of the calendar year. Participants discuss different ways to solve locally-vibrant problems in a given local setting.

Field practice

The “Academy of Participation” (AoP) participants test different solutions and adapt processes to the local circumstances in the Solidarity Fund PL-supported municipalities. This lead to even more informed citizens, better-qualified local human resources, and inclusive better-off neighborhoods.

Pass the online test (1st part of the AoP examination)

The online test is organized to help the AoP participants understand to which extend the knowledge delivered in the course of the AoP has been absorbed and accommodated.

Submit the Participatory Idea for implementation (2nd part of the AoP examination)

The Participatory Ideas (PIs) are developed to help the AoP participants turn knowledge into practice. PIs do not happen by themselves nor by magic, and neither do they come from out of nowhere. PIs are born as a result of AoP participants’ interactions. They emerge from heated-up discussions among participants who exchange different points of view and listen to a constructive criticism that leads to the development.

Get a diploma

AoP participants, upon meeting the minimum learning objectives are awarded the AoP diploma. The diploma certifies a certain level of understanding citizen engagement mechanisms and local self-governance practices.

Implement your participatory idea

The most promising to make a difference, PIs are implemented by the authors and with Solidarity Fund PL support. It is Solidarity Fund PL goal to ensure that the beneficiaries of a project are equally involved in the implementation process.
Those who wish to learn how to transform their communities must fill out an application (Application form) to be considered in the recruitment process.
The recruitment process is inclusive and transparent. The applications are reviewed on-merit, and the final decision is made by the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia.
The applicants are notified by e-mail about the results.
Studying at the “Academy of Participation” (AoP) includes approx.. 64 training hours in total, whereas practice constitutes not less than 20% of the curricula.
The table-top training consists of international expert-led workshops and seminars (54hrs). The field practice is supervised by local mentors and conducted in Solidarity Fund PL partner municipalities. (a minimum of 11hrs)
Ambitious and determined participants have the opportunity to take part in professional study visits abroad.