no. FSM-2022-08-04

We kindly inform, that Procurement Procedure no. FSM-2022-08-04 on selecting an economic operator to provide purchase and installation of a ramp and deployment of services needed for the modernized adapted “Open Space” in Ozurgeti (located at 11a, 26 May street, Ozurgeti), has been concluded.

By 30.08.2022 24:00 Tbilisi time in response to the announcement no. FSM-2022-08-04, 1 tender was submitted.

The following gross tender price was proposed by Potential Economic Operator:

  1. I/E Zaza Intskirveli 44 600 GEL

The Tender submitted by the I/E Zaza Intskirveli has been deemed the most Advantageous Tender, fulfilling all conditions set by the Contracting Authority.