The Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia is currently accepting application forms for the “Academy of Participation” (AoP)

  • Are you interested in community and public life, developing your municipality, and engaging in the decision-making at the local level?
  • Are you committed to participate in community activities and want to strengthen your professional competencies?

If so, we have got an excellent opportunity to grow your skills!  We look forward to receiving your application form by 28, February 2021, 23:59 GMT at the latest!


We strongly encourage highly motivated individuals who have no previous experience in applying and doing good things for their community to APPLY!

At the Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia, we are committed to providing an environment of mutual respect, where equal opportunities are available to all applicants.

Applicants, who might consider themselves to be disadvantaged (in any way), are firmly encouraged to apply and provide relevant reasoning.

The Academy of Participation (AoP)  provides you with a chance to become a professional in the field of local participation.

What is the Academy of Participation?

The Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia’s “Academy of Participation” is a learning cycle that addresses the multi-dimensional participation process – different forms of direct democracy in action.

The “Academy of Participation” (AoP) is a highly interactive and applicable learning cycle that brings together representatives of Local Authorities (LAs), civil society organizations (CSOs), and active citizens to learn of different ways of community engagement in the inclusive decision-making processes at the local level.

The “Academy of Participation” (AoP) is a space:

  • Where active citizens, civil servants, representatives of municipalities and non-governmental organizations and all, interested in better-off communities develop new skills;
  • Where those mentioned above learn about public participation in the local decision-making process;
  • Where it is possible to build new habits, gain international experience and establish new contacts and networks;
  • Where everyone can acquire knowledge and accommodate new skills on active citizenship, having “a voice” in locally-important issues and take actions.

Why is it worth taking part??


  • You will make new friends among mindset-like individuals, driven to make a difference in Georgia!
  • You will be introduced to a wide range of opportunities to benefit you, your community, and your municipality!
  • You will be challenged with a variety of essential for your community matters to be resolved!
  • You will identify local resources capable of tackling local hurdles!
  • You will get to knw the most cutting-edge ideas of local development!
  • You will do important things for your personal and professional growth, while at the same time acting on behalf of your community!

The Program of the Academy

The Academy of Participation (AoP) curricula derives from the six-year experience of Polish Aid development cooperation . The modules are delivered by experts having experience in decentralization and modernization of the self-government units in Georgia, also in the sphere of inclusive decision making.  Academy enables transfer to Georgia best practices of the Polish democratic experience in the socio-economic transition, that lead to professionalization of the local human potential.

Academy is a cycle of table-top training that allow participants to gain practical skills in inclusive decision-making on the local level.

The table-top training is a series of scenario-based workshops on different aspects of citizens’ engagement. Participants discuss different ways of solving the locally-vibrant problems in a given local setting.

What will you learn?

  • You will get to know different inclusive decision-making mechanisms and instruments step by step – their principles, legal frameworks, implementation phases, how to prepare rules and critical documents, and how to monitor and evaluate progress. You will plan and conduct meetings with the local population and communicate effectively with different stakeholders, representing both public and civil sectors.
  • You will familiarize yourself with and use effective communication strategies.
  • You will experiment with developed by YOU ideas on how to address local burning issues.
  • Academy of Participation Team uses an ultra agile approach, thus, learning objectives are constantly revised to respond best to the participants’ needs and interests.

Who can apply?

  • Local authorities representing either sakrebulo or meria;
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
  • Citizens having interest in making a difference for the neighbors of local community.

Solidarity Fund PL Experts

The Academy of Participation (AoP) comprises of the theoretical and hands-on (practical) component.

The top-class experts from Poland and Ukraine will deliver modules on:

  • Communication and facilitation,
  • Inclusive decision making,
  • Engaging citizens in the public procurement.

The course structure

The course comprises four two-day sessions (48 hrs in total), delivered both online and offline. Session are to take place from March to June 2021. The theoretical part will be followed by the field practice (10 hrs in total) in one of Georgia’s regions in the period from July to August 2021. An online exam will conclude the AoP and will take place in September 2021.

Selection criteria

In order to apply you MUST be fluent in the Georgian language. The evaluation of the application is two-folded, and consist of written application form assessment, and panel interview.

The following selection criteria will apply:

  • motivation – how motivated you are to take part in the Academy of Participation (AoP) and make a difference in Georgia;
  • expected impact – how do you plan to use newly-gained knowledge & skills;
  • prior experience in community work – what have you done on behalf of the local community, what joint activities did you conduct with your neighbors etc.
  • availability – are you ready to participate in all modules of the Academy of Participation (AoP).

Selection procedure

  • 1st stage – 12-28 February 2021 – Assessment of submitted applications.
  • 2nd stage – 1-8 March 2021 – Online interviews with Applicants
  • Announcement of results – 9 March 2021

When and where?

1st session:                              26-27   March 2021                    Tbilisi

online meeting                    8 April 2021                                 Online

2nd session:                            23-24 April 2021                         Tbilisi

online meeting                    14 May 2021                                 Online

3rd session:                            28-29 May 2021                           Zugdidi, Ozurgeti or Tskaltubo

4th  session                            11-13 June 2021                            Zugdidi, Ozurgeti or Tskaltubo

Field practice:                       To Be Confirmed  –  June–August 2021

Online Exam:                        To Be Confirmed   –  September 2021

Graduation Ceremony:       To Be Confirmed  –  October 2021

More information about the Academy is available HERE:

Q&A Session for Candidates will take place online on 22 February 2021 at 17:00.

Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia covers the Academy of Participation (AoP) related costs (travel, accommodation, meals and training materials).

The online application form is available HERE.

Deadline for online applications – 28 February, 2021.

All candidates will be informed about the selection results no later than  9 March, 2021.

Participants of the Academy of Participation (AoP) will be selected based on the transparent and fair recruitment process, given the application forms’ information.

Organizer: Solidarity Fund PL in Georgia

Contact: Olga Dorokhina,; 599463560

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